It’s no secret that closing on a home can be a daunting task. At A Clear Choice Title & Escrow, we pride ourselves on making things a little bit easier for our clients. When you close with us, you’ll go home with the Digital Closing Package, an encrypted key that gives you access to all of all of your closing documents from anywhere, and keeps you up-to-date as homestead valuations and mortgage rates change.

It’s our mission to empower you as a new homeowner by enabling you with the latest tools to benefit from and protect your investment. By closing with us, you’ll close with confidence.

The Benefits

  • Secured login access to all files provided by lenders.
  • Easy intsructional emails help you get the most out of your key.
  • Automatic updates and notifications when a new file has been added or when documents are ready.
  • Recurring updates after the closing to inform you of important changes in homestead valuations and mortgage rates.

How it Works

Make the Most of Your Key


Buyers and agents both receive their respective USB keys

  • Instead of a paper copy or CD, both the buyer and seller is provided with encrypted USB keys and business cards at closing.
  • The buyer is provided with a platinum key and seller is provided with a gold key.
  • Gain instant access to all of your closing files through any computer or laptop.

Your key to security

  • Once provided with your key, it will be your gateway to all of your important files.
  • Plug in the USB to any computer to access the secure and encrypted login. Enter your email and password to access your files.

Stay up-to-date with progress

  • Get updates on all activities involving your closing.
  • Notifications when new documents are added – or when documents are ready to use.
  • Easy access to your lenders and agents throughout the closing process and beyond