2023 Sweetheart Gala

Hosted by United in Love Adoptions


Community Coming Together for Adoptive Families


On April 29th 2023, A Clear Choice Title ladies were able to get dolled up and take their partners over to The Citrus Club for an amazing dinner and fellowship. This Gala is the 3rd annual event for United in Love Adoptions. 


They are a mission of bringing families together through their provided adoption services. They work to provide families with comprehensive support through all aspects of adoption, putting their efforts towards simplifying the seemingly difficult and sometimes overwhelming process. We are do blessed to be able to support through this event. It was amazing to see so many people in the community coming together for a great cause.  Auction items were placed all around and there was something to catch anyone’s eye. The most exciting and unique would have to be the professionally trained 10 week old puppy that in a fierce battle finally sold for $2,000. All money from auction and donations go straight to helping birth mothers with health, housing and therapy support while making the undoubtedly powerful decision to allow another family to care for their child. 


The greatest prize of all was being able to see and hear real accounts from adoptive families that United in Love has helped throughout the year. We are praying for more growth in this local business and for everyone they end up helping in their journey.                                        Check out our social media pages A Clear Choice Title Instagram to get the full scoop on what went down on April 29th


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