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Is a Tiny House for You?

A study done by REMAX of 1,000 individuals shows that 80% of buyers that plan to purchase in the next 12 months have adjusted their ...
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What are the reasons prompting people to move?

What Are the Reasons Prompting People to Move? The inflation of housing costs over the past few years. Between shortage of houses and interest rates ...
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Where Homebuyers are making the Largest and Smallest Down Payments

For the past few years the housing market has been one of speed and resilience. Being flexible to find an affordable dream home, be ready ...
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A Nearly 9% Drop of Newly Built Homes in August

The drop of newly built homes in August According to the U.S Census Bureau, sales of newly built homes fell 8.7% in August. This is ...
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RPAC Flamingo Bingo

When do you get to meet up with your local friends and colleagues for drinks, bingo and prizes? Luckily The ladies at A Clear Choice ...
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Share the Love Scavenger Hunt

Share the Love Scavenger Hunt Hosted by Saint Cloud Chamber young Professionals The Saint Cloud Chamber Young Professionals put on one fun day full of ...
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